The Story.

Creating Facing Fabry Together was a global journey.

Fabry disease is a rare and complex condition; so uncommon that many have never heard of the disease, let alone understand what it means to live with Fabry. To help grow awareness and inform others about Fabry, our film crew traveled to Canada, Germany, Brazil, France, and the United States to capture the unique experiences of four families and two physicians. From the Navy town of Halifax to the sophisticated streets of Paris, we documented the challenges and triumphs of these families living with this life-altering disease.

Those featured in Facing Fabry Together opened their hearts and their homes to the project. Living with a rare and complex disorder, such as Fabry disease, can be challenging, confusing, and at times, isolating. Hour-by-hour and day-by-day, the story about life with Fabry came together, underscoring the fact that despite different countries and cultures, families living with Fabry are connected in ways that transcend geography. Without the openness and honesty of the men, women and children featured in the film, Facing Fabry Together would not have been possible.

The remarkable families featured in the film shared their stories to not only make a difference in the lives of others living with Fabry disease, but also increase awareness and understanding about this very rare disease. They’re counting on you to spread the word, so watch the film with your family, order a copy for your healthcare provider, or share it with your community.